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Athlete Spotlight: Michele Verticchio

What got you interested in training for multi-sport races like triathlon and how long have you been training and racing?

I can't remember what in particular got me interested in doing an Ironman, but I've wanted to do one since my college years (~2002). I've got a couple of strong memories from along the way. One was in college- When I mentioned to a friend that I was interested in doing an Ironman, he sarcastically wondered why anyone would want to do a race where they would likely have to crawl across the finish line. Challenge accepted! The other was writing in my journal on a rig offshore Equatorial Guinea in 2009 - completing an Ironman was first on the bucket list I created that day. Sometimes I forget how long I've wanted to do this! As soon as I moved from an offshore position in 2014, I started training (running only at first) and I completed my first triathlon in 2016 (Try Andy's Tri). Ironically, that was the only triathlon I've ever placed in.

What are your current short term / long term goals in multisport training and racing?

Short term - Get/stay healthy & injury free, complete Ironman Florida with a PR, incorporate nutrition more into my training

Long term - Too many to put here, one is to have FUN running the Boston Marathon

What are some of your favorite things about training with your coaching team?

Not having to design my training schedule (not having to think as much as if I was doing it myself), having guidance readily available when needed, training with other athletes that have common goals and interests

Can you share some of your best racing or training memories?

  • Racing my first Ironman, IMTX 2019, even the sketchy moments like when Johnny Z had to run after me to tell me which way to go because I was running off course

  • Racing my first official Boston Marathon 2016 - right on Hereford, left on Boylston!

  • Long rides preparing for my first Ironman with Keith, Cassie, Joel, and Dustin

  • My first time running an 8:15 pace on a 20 mile training run, and thinking that a BQ could be possible

  • Running after Alex with his Nike vapor fly's after Tuesday spin

  • Beers and shooting the breeze after Tuesday spin

What keeps you motivated?

Being registered for a race, having race goals, group workouts (especially with biking & swimming)

If you could go back to your first month of multisport training and give yourself some advice - what would it be?

So many... If I was to pick one thing, it would be... Do not skip stretching and strengthening exercises, especially core.

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