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This Week at Powerhouse Racing: Restore Revive 360

Bori & Megan of Restore Revive 360 in action

Restore Revive 360 - Sports Massage Discount

Now through the end of March you can save $20 off any service from our friends at Restore Revive 360 located inside Powerhouse Racing.  Bori and Megan are very well versed and experienced in massage therapy methods and many other kinds of soft tissue treatments like kinesiology taping, cupping, and scraping.  They understand that athletic performance is multifactorial and this team is dedicated to your success as an athlete!


Don't Forget! Powerhouse Racing is now open:


SATURDAY 11am - 4pm

Strength Training: Yoga and TRX Classes at Powerhouse!

Start your New Year off on a strong foot with weekly Yoga and TRX Strength classes.  We are now offering Yoga every Saturday at 9:30am and TRX every Wednesday at 6pm.  Cost per class is $15 for drop in or $10 per class with $100 punch card good for 10 workouts.  There is no extra charge for current Powerhouse Racing members and Custom Coaching Athletes. Space for each class is limited so please call / text Johnny at 281 787 8285 if you are interested in attending.

Spring Triathlon Training Starts Now!

Powerhouse Racing is excited about racing in 2021 and there are several exciting triathlons taking place in the spring that we can start training for now.  We are now offering group training plans for Silverlake Sprint / Olympic Tri along with a group plan for IM 70.3 Galveston in April.  Athletes targeting a full IRONMAN distance Tri are encouraged to contact us for a custom coaching plan for your next race. 

Call Powerhouse Racing or visit our online training plan store if you are interested in starting a group training plan or custom coaching plan:


Weekly Workouts for

Powerhouse Racing


Swim @ Williams Pool

7:30 p.m.


Spin @ Powerhouse

6:00 p.m.


TRX Strength @ Powerhouse

6:00 p.m.


Spin @ Powerhouse

5:30 a.m.


Swim @ Williams Pool

6:45 p.m.


Swim @ Williams Pool

5:30 a.m.


Group Run @ Powerhouse

6:30 a.m. from Powerhouse Racing


Yoga @ Powerhouse

9:30 a.m. @ Powerhouse Racing


Group Ride @ Powerhouse

7:00 a.m. from Powerhouse

All outdoor workouts are contingent on weather.

Check on Johnny Z Powerhouse Racing Facebook Group for weekly updates and workout routes

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