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Powerhouse Racing Newsletter - AG Nationals + Sponsor Spotlight

Brian Smith at the 2021 USAT Age Group National Championship

Powerhouse Racing at USAT AG Nationals

Over 6,000 athletes came together for three days of racing this past weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we are so proud of our friend Brian Smith for going and competing with the best age group triathletes in the country. The race venue was incredible and Brian had many positive things to say about his experience. Congratulations to Brian for his success at nationals and also a huge thanks to Coach Natalie for doing such an amazing job getting him ready to race. Great work, Powerhouse!

Weekly Workout Schedule

At this time there are no changes to our weekly workout schedule below.  We would like to encourage anyone who has not tried our new yoga and strength classes to come on out and join us soon!  Punch Cards are available for purchase and are good for 10x group workouts there is no charge to try a class out for the first time.


Upcoming Events

Rotary Club of Katy Triathlon at Cane Island - Sep 5

Kerrville Triahlon Festval - September 25 + 26

1st Annual Bolivar LIVE Triathlon - Oct 3rd

IRONMAN Texas - Oct 9th


Powerhouse Sponsor Spotlight

Thank you for being one of our 2021 sponsors!

Can you share with us what inspired you to sponsor Powerhouse Racing?

Returning the favor!  Supporting friends and a business with values that align with ours.

How long have you been working / training with Powerhouse Racing?

Stuck our toe in the water late 2017.  Our first sprint was No Label 2018 and first 70.3 was Waco 2021.

What type of services does Garage Door Guys provide?  Do you work with residential or commercial customers?

Residential and Commercial projects. If its related to your Garage we got you covered!

How long has Garage Door Guys been operating?

We raised our doors in Feb 2016.

What else would you like people to know about your business?

Our goal here at GDG is to bring unparalleled customer service and quality to our customers. We work diligently and efficiently to bring back a service ideology that has been lost.

We are proud to have GDG on our new race kits!  Thanks for the Interview. 

 We’ve got your back (or more back right hip). Thank you very much for your support and letting us serve you. 

Be sure to reach out to GDG @ 281.254.1583 / for all of your garage door needs and ideas.

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