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Powerhouse Athlete Spotlight: Rodolfo Ocejo

Updated: Jan 18, 2021


Rodolfo Ocejo

What got you interested in training for multi-sport races like triathlon and how long have you been training and racing?

It was 2017 and at the time was only into weight lifting and watching TV. One day, Liesbeth, whom I was dating at the time, said to me “You were a good runner in high school right?...I said yes. You used to give swim lessons so you know how to swim, right?...yes. You also have a road bike that you ride on occasion…why don’t you try doing a triathlon?” And that was the beginning. So I have been at it now for 3 years.

What are your current short term / long term goals in multisport training and racing?

My current short term goal is to earn one of those cool All-America certificates that John Zepeda and Patrick Louchouarn have earned.

Long term goal would be to finish top 10 age group at Nationals or an Ironman 70.3 sponsored race.

What are some of your favorite things about training with your coaching team?

I always get a kick out of the playful banter on the facebook page!

Can you share some of your best racing or training memories?

I will never forget my first race ever, Katy Firethorn sprint triathlon in 2017. We had a ninja freeze the night before; race time it was 36 degrees, the grass around the pond was covered in ice, and I was freezing just standing there waiting for my wave to start. I also remember looking at Liesbeth hoping she would tell me I didn’t have to do it, but instead she kept telling me “its not that cold”….her being from Belgium but also wearing jeans, a down jacket, a knit cap, and scarf. It was my first time ever to wear a wetsuit (big mistake), once I got in the water it was actually warmer than standing outside. However, once the race started the wetsuit felt like it shrink wrapped around my chest, the water was so cold I couldn’t put my face in it so I ended up doggy paddling the entire length gasping for air…hahaha.

My other memory was 2018 Ironman Woodlands, my first and only ironman to date. On the 15th mile of the run my knee started to bother me and by mile 17 another athlete saw me limping on the run and he told me “it’s not worth it to get hurt, best to shut it down and walk it in.” I swallowed my pride of never having to stop a race in my life and began to walk because deep down I knew that athlete was right. Then, Liesbeth found me on the course and walked with me the last 6 miles to the finish….that walk with Liesbeth turned into a good day. Walked the last 9 miles and finished with a time of 12 hours 25 minutes.

What keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated is the continued progress I have made since I started. Initially, I trained on my own and swim 25 yards with a 1 minute rest to recover and a 40 minute bike ride was pretty tough for me. I was getting disappointed with my performance and I knew I needed help. So I called Powerhouse and asked if Johnny had room for me. Now under Johnny Zepeda’s coaching for the past year I just keep getting better; every time we do a FTP on the bike and a 2-mile run time trial my times are better than the last time.

Thanks for sharing, Rudy! Your progress has been amazing to watch

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