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Powerhouse Athlete Spotlight: Ana Lira


Ana Lira

What got you interested in training for multi-sport races like triathlon and how long have you been training and racing?

I was a runner for about 6 years, and I was finally able to qualify for the Boston Marathon after my third attempt. Unfortunately, 6 months into my training I tore my meniscus and needed surgery. My surgeon told me after removing part of my meniscus, that I should consider cross-training a little more instead of only running. After my surgery, I was able to run Boston and as I was running the marathon, I had made up my mind to pursue triathlon training moving forward. I started officially training with Powerhouse Racing in May/July 2019.

What are your current short term / long term goals in multisport training and racing?

My long term goals in multi-sport training is to protect my body by cross train more instead of only running, giving more balance to my fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle surrounded by positive athletes. I have been training for a Half-Ironman distance for two cycles already, but I haven't been able to officially cross that finish line due to  Covid-19 race cancellations. Similar to my previous situation qualifying for the Boston marathon on a third attempt, I am hoping that my third time attempt in April 2021 for an official Iron man race will be just as rewarding. Let's all hope, third times a charm!

What are some of your favorite things about training with your coaching team?

I am truly blessed to train with, as you say, a "coaching team" because joining Power House gives you access to not only your customized plan with your personal coach, but a team of coaches that are willing to answer any questions and concerns that you may have about training, nutrition, gear, etc. I feel that it is very inspiring that some coaches take the time and train by your side. Due to the personal involvement of our coaches in our training we all are given the opportunity to witness and learn first hand experiences from them.

Can you share some of your best racing or training memories?

One of the most powerful experiences in my life was being able to run the Boston Marathon in April 2019. After having my knee surgery on December 2018, I had to wait until the end of January to start walking, and I barely had any mobility on my leg. I had only two months to train for a full marathon! However, I had a strong conviction and fire inside of me telling me that I would be able to run in Boston and be able to finish the race. I knew Boston was not going to be my fastest race, but I knew that it would be a unique opportunity to prove myself and to show that anything is possible if we put our minds to it!

What keeps you motivated?

I get extremely motivated to learn about other fellow athletes goals and past experiences. It makes me realize that it doesn't matter how big or small your dream is, you just have to keep working towards it.

If you could go back to your first month of multisport training and give yourself some advice - what would it be?

First, I would advise to trust the training and trust your coach. It is also very important to be patient with your own fitness development, as well as, to respect every discipline in the same way. Don't favor your swimming, cycling, or running because they are all important and complement each other. Last but not least, I would advise not to compare your fitness level to others because you are who you are. Your fitness has to do with some many factors, like experiences, life style, opportunities, age, even your own genes. Work with what you have, excel in your own skin, and be proud of your own victories!

Thanks for sharing, Ana! You are inspiring a new generation of multisport athletes!

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